About US
Trust • Commitment • Teamwork • Accountability

About Us

We are a veteran owned and veteran operated small business providing end-to-end security solutions for government, businesses, communities, and estates across the country.  As an employee owned small business we value our core principles and apply trust, commitment, teamwork, and accountability to every project.  Our goal is to protect and empower our customers with thorough consultation & planning, cutting edge technology, seamless integration, training, and trusted service for a complete security solution.

Mission: Empowering clients to save lives and secure assets.

Our Experience

Our executive team combines 100 years of hard-earned experience in the National Defense Sector, Security and Communications industries, both operationally and administratively.  Our renowned leadership and commitment to excellence comes from ground level knowledge of real-world security requirements and challenges, gained in every environment from the battlefield to the boardroom.  Our solutions arrive from our knowledge of time-tested strategies and vetted technologies.  Our success comes from our commitment to our people and our values.

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Communications Technology


Solution Driven


Personal Commitment


“Eternal vigilance is the price of eternal development.”

Gordon B. Hinckley

“There is no doubt that our nation’s security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities.”

Arlen Specter

“We ask the American people to play an important part of our layered defense. We ask for cooperation, patience and a commitment to vigilance in the face of a determined enemy.”

Janet Napolitano