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We provide enterprise communications & security solutions; linking cutting-edge technology, best practice procedures and expert personnel. 


Our goal is to protect and empower our customers with thorough consultation,  best-in-class technology, implementation and training to eliminate risks.


Our team applies leadership and excellence earned through a lifetime of real world experience to every project regardless of size, scope or locale.

Security & Assurance in an Uncertain World

In a world facing ever-changing threats you must be vigilant in your approach to physical, electronic, cyber and communications and security. Reactive security plans fail in the face of modern adversaries. At Active Security Consulting we strive to provide just that, ACTIVE Security. Security that is smarter, faster, and prevalent in the moment. We recognize the rapidity in which threats evolve and we counter them with proactive planning, state of the art technology and highly capable human resources. In your defense you have a choice. Choose ACTIVE.

Terrorism acts each year

Violent crimes each year

Billion in annual lost property

Why Choose Us

We focus on the human aspect. The intellect and action required to properly leverage technologies emplaced in the name of security. We listen to our client’s needs and customize security plans to address them. We choose technologies to meet requirements and train personnel to peak performance, ensuring assets are secured and lives saved.


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